Life goes on

It’s going to be a new year soon. Get ready to embrace it with smile, love and laughter ! Things aren’t going to end in 2015. No matter what happen, always look up. Simply because you might miss looking at a rainbow while facing your worries. Always remember this : There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 😀20151230_215821.jpg

Though things changes ,I still pray that we are still possible to be together. 在这个夜晚,虽然情况变,我仍然希望你还爱我.

I know that things are over between us but I’m still looking up the sky for that tiny little hope. As long as I continue looking up, I am not giving up.

Here wishing you a Happy New Year and a new vibe coming along! ❤


Who am I?

I’m Amiki,just an ordinary girl in Singapore. A girl nobody notice about,not a single soul care about,not the girl everyone like either. Who am i? A day in life is slow and painful in her life, but however, people sees her as a strong individual. She’s always that girl that felt left out in social event. She always think about who she really is… who am i

The girl who always wonder why everyone enjoying their life,travelling around the world is trying to be who she really is. I am going to believe that one day, I will be the girl everyone wonders about and helping out people who are less fortunate than her. You can say that she just believe in herself, believing she can make things better.