Be Happy!

It’s been a few week after collecting my O level result. To be honest, I can’t get over it yet especially when I know that I’m so close to achieve my goal. Well whatever, I just wanna be happy now . Happy as in genuinely happy. I don’t want to fake a smile anymore because I’m tired, truly tired. I just wanna BE HAPPY!

Be Happy


What’s next?

So O level result was released on Monday, 11 Jan 2016 and I went down to my secondary school to collect my result (like what all the topical student does). And yes, it was mine turn to collect… before I even sat on that seat, I told myself NEVER to cry again. Apparently, that fail terribly though i tried to cover it up at first. Are you trying to think that I’m faking this? NO, I DIDN’T. I got the most terrible grade among my friend (if you don’t know, I’m usually better in studies than them)  So what next? I don’t know. They said I had this coming because I got complacent after mid year (that’s when I got accepted for DPA interview, got offered for Interior Design in SP and even got transfer to another class for math- what they called the potential distinction class)  Guessing my grade now?  I got E8 for 3 subject – the core subject: English, Elective Mathematics and Science. My Second attempt for Chinese wasn’t that bad,it improve by one grade which gave me a B4 with distinction . I obtained the same grade for my favorite subject too – Design and Technology  which was kind of disappointing (was actually hoping for a B3 or A2) and of course the most hated subject of mine since Sec 3 , Combined Humanities (Geo & SS) got F9. I was expecting this F9 though since i hated the subject so much that I skip school that start with those lesson (honestly I didn’t skip, I just turn up late for school every time there’s such lesson at the beginning of the day ) So there was like 5 teacher standing around the desk when I was collecting it. I tried holding back my tears when my teacher said that I was only eligible for NITEC. Within 10 seconds, my tears just flow down like a river.

Like honestly, I never think of ITE as my choice to begin with. Even if I did, at least design courses and that’s all but it wasn’t part of the option that were offered to me. Even the requirement for Interior Design in SP was so close like really really really close just a grade away for English and Math and then I found out that my DPA application was revoke later that day. This make me feel more shitty about myself. What can I do? I couldn’t think straight back then and right now.  Why do these happened ? I have even completed the DPA admission procedure as indicated. Right now, I just feel like clubbing to let off my feeling that is bottle up so tightly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA JOKE still underage. Whatever gonna figure out life.