How’s life going?

What’s up peeps? So, it’s been 1 month school started for me as a Private O Level Candidate. I have to say that it’s not easy to get along with the other classmate at first but over time, we cracked joke about other student, laugh together and share our opinion together. I am really proud to say that I won’t regret this decision. The notes are easily understandable ,teacher are pretty cordial I have to say.They aren’t the regular teacher who you see everyday in school, they make sure you understand a certain topic before moving on to the next topic. Having regular test to check our progress, giving lots of practice for us to get it right. It’s really an ideal learning environment for me. ๐Ÿ˜€ Not to forget, the registration period has started for Private O Level Candidate and i successfully registered for it. Now, I’m left with the payment to make. Woohoo ! XD oh yes, I must mention this. I met this girl who have the same goal as me when I’m schooling. We both caught up real well as there are many similarities between us. Really glad I met her for this year. Though it’s just a year, but without her, I don’t think I can communicate well with my classmates. Thanks for being by my side these time and cheers to our new found friendship! Emoji can’t describe how happy I am knowing you.

School aside, finally after umpteen ย attempt to organize a class outing for 3N2,4N2 and 5N2. The former vice-chairman finally did it. Happy for her, my friend indeed .Other than that, though the outing has only 14 people out of the total class of 21 (for 5N2) or even 41(for 3N2 and 4N2) who attend, it’s actually not bad since our form teacher treating us 10 buck off our meal each. hahahaha okay okay I’m a glutton. I ordered off the menu despite that there is promotion going on for eating at Manhattan Fish Market. Well, at least i paid the majority rather than letting her to pay the majority. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh yes, our form teacher is finally a mother and she brought one of her twin along for the outing because her helper was on off day. Frankly speaking , her kid can be peaceful and cute for a minute and annoying the next minute. I think if my teacher were to bring her out for the next outing, I would like to try pacifying her kid. And yes, she made the outing an annual meeting for the class starting ever since right after we graduate. Job well done?

Honestly, I’ve been in good spirit after I met with her in school. I didn’t actually need to motivate myself like I used to do so everyday because it’s simply the way i wanted to live my life. ๐Ÿ˜€ But here’s one for you XD