Not A Great Deal

Hey peeps,I’m about to start having intensive revision in preparation for my retake o level… so annoying. For the next 4 month, I’m gonna have back my Starbucks and MacDonald coffee craze hahahaha other than that, I’m just hoping to get at least B3 for all the three subject I’m retaking . Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m able to make it but i’m gonna chiong for it. If I were to say I have never regret retaking o level , it will be a lie cos its back to the tedious sleepless night again.. but I’m also glad i retook it because I get to make an awesome friend. 😀

So let’s see, every week i will drink at least 2 coffee 😐 deosn’t sound ideal for my stomach but i have to do it because its my precious money I’m using to pay for my school fee 😦  If i had not used m money to pay the fee, i would have bought myself a Perlini Bag for myself :/ but whatever, this is a must go through process. The thought of having to be a bookworm again is making me so tired … hmmmm i just hope i can meet up my secdary school friend asap.. missing those lapek time we had….hahahaha oh ya, I’m going to Adventure Cove this Sunday but too bad, i doubt i will be taking any pic cos i know its gonna be an awful experience… 😐 okay lemme end this post which i have not been posting for months with a quote to welcome the exam spirit hahahaha peace! 😀Not A Great Deal